SIP Panels / Steel & YTONG – so many advantages in our modular systems!

New technologies emerging every day have brought huge improvement to our lives. Like in every major field of business and technology, the construction industry is constantly developing and improving, seeking newer, more innovative, efficient and lasting solutions to the inherent problems of both residential and industrial buildings.
Latest research and development, the availability of modern design and production technologies and the vast improvements in the field of structural, insulation and exterior building materials and systems have allowed companies, including us, to provide to clients uncompromising housing solutions. Among others, steel-modular houses offer a multitude of significant advantages by being:


Cost effective

Our modular design house can save you over 40% of the price vs traditional brick construction. Houses from SIP Panels or mixtures of Steel and YTONG are one of the most cost-effective building solutions of any alternative material options. The process requires a precise engineering and detailed designing of the materials which brings us much more effective product at lower final price. Because the materials are so durable, your steel building will require dramatically less maintenance over its lifespan, which adds to the cost-savings over the course of the building’s lifespan.

Contrary to masonry, for instance, the avoidance of “moist” and time-consuming construction processes makes for less construction times and increased quality and durability of the completed building.


Reinforced concrete construction is one of the least effective ways to build anything. Modern Steel & SIP modular construction allow buildings to be built in very short time with minimal transport and mechanization costs. Moreover, the efficiency of construction in buildings with steel construction is also significantly increased by the fact that the construction does not require any additional and auxiliary building systems / formwork, scaffolding, reinforcement / in addition to those built into the actual construction. In fact, for two identical buildings, the one with a steel-modular construction will be built up to four times shorter.

Time affordable

The construction project has a limited timeline so good luck keeping your brick building on a strict construction schedule, especially when we have so much factors related to it. Practically the brick buildings are on hold when temperatures dip below 4 degrees Celsius. Although additives can be incorporated, you risk the structural integrity of your building unless your brick masons know exactly what they are doing. Similarly, rain and high humidity can also cause problems. Even in good weather, bricks come together small piece by small piece. Most metal buildings can be completed from start-to-finish in a matter of a few months after precise engineering and assembly in factory conditions, which make the timelines not as susceptible to the weather.


The Steel & SIP panels modular construction method, provides a definite solution to one of the crucial problems of the building process which is to avoid the “human factor” altogether. Produced in a factory setting, the modular construction gives no allowance for error in measurement, imperfect assembly or poor craftsmanship. With no measurements taken on-site, and CAD/CAM design and production we are able to deliver your home constructed with pinpoint accuracy.
Here ‘traditional’ construction is the exact counterpoint. It is characterized by the fact that all construction activities are carried out on site, the accuracy of the building depends entirely on the qualifications, experience and professionalism of all the construction team, project manager, suppliers and everyone involved.


Steel and SIP modular are some of the most eco-friendly construction materials on the market and can also be recyclable. It also requires fewer materials to construct a building, which saves on the manufacturing and transportation costs that increase a building’s carbon footprint. Our buildings offer heat-deflecting finishes and weather-resistant options, which increase their overall energy efficiency. As mentioned above, decreased maintenance requirements over a building’s lifespan also makes it more energy efficient than its brick counterpart over the long haul.

Higher stability and longer duration

Steel and metal buildings are nearly indestructible. When engineered for your location and built using high-quality sealants and protective coatings, your metal roof and other building components can have warranties as long as 40-years or more. When built to accommodate the weather conditions in a particular geographic location, metal buildings can withstand exceedingly high winds, and can weather tornado and hurricane conditions. This is one reason why  metal schools, churches and other civic/municipal buildings are often used as the evacuation sites across the nation.


Steel-frame modular buildings are not a revolution in construction but rather an evolution. The modern pace of life and general development in research and technology has made it possible to combine construction elements in such a way that the result is a home which is not only sustainable and durable, comfortable and beautiful but also affordable and economical. Not only logic, but also practice shows that housing with steel-modular construction is closest to the goals set.