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Here we answer the first questions that come to people’s mind when they hear Steel Construction. If you don’t find the question that you are looking for you can ask us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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What is the price to build modular house? Is it cost effective?2022-07-21T14:01:18+00:00

Prefabricated and modular technology has made a huge difference in the way residential properties are constructed. The prefabrication process ensures top quality and precision, while savings on on-site machinery, transportation and supply costs, and on-site workforce, allow a modular house to have about 45 % lower price than equally sized traditional /brick/ construction and reduces the amount of work that has to be done during the conventional method of building houses by more than 70%

How long will it take to build my house ?2022-07-21T14:01:32+00:00

Our houses, apart from their other advantages, are also distinguished by terms of construction considerably shorter than those of the conventional construction of bricks and reinforced concrete. However, the construction period is mainly determined by the built-up area and the building floors. For example, construction period of a house with constructed area of approximately 100 sqm will be about 60 days if is by Steel structure & YTONG.

Will my house look different than the others?2022-07-21T14:01:45+00:00

The mixture between Steel & YTONG will be used as core base for your walls so won’t be visible neither inside or outside. Your house will look as every other house in the neighborhood, in fact the steel strength will give you opportunity to design your home with larger open spaces and also can be finished with same materials traditionally used.

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Can I create my own design of the house?2022-07-21T14:02:21+00:00

Of course, you can. You are not limited in the design of the house. We can offer you some standard designs also.
We are offering a wide range of prefabricated houses with specific dimensions and characteristics which are suitable for any property market.

Do you offer low-energy houses?2022-07-21T14:02:42+00:00

All the houses we build are low-energy houses. Finished as standard, all our buildings have a thermal conductivity index of 0.12 thus fitting well into passive house standards. The multi-glazed window systems used also provide very low thermal losses to keep your home warm in cold weather and easily cooled during summer.

What is the environmental impact of a steel-modular building?2022-07-21T14:02:57+00:00

Steel constructions, unlike brick and cement, are fully recyclable. Also, when compared to a wooden house, steel does not contribute to deforestation. However, the house has many other elements apart from its structure. We have taken special care to incorporate only recyclable materials into our buildings, therefore being able to offer our clients a product with a very small carbon footprint.

How is the house erected and/or assembled?2022-07-21T14:03:19+00:00

The Steel structure is coming in pieces in the field, to be assembled by our technician according to the regulations and project. Then the parts are fastened together using the standard, proven and very reliable bolt and nut joints. In the case of a prefabricated house, the elements are joined together either through welding or again with bolts, according to the specific house and respective structural design.

Can the steel structure or SIP panels get corrosion or rust?2022-07-21T14:03:31+00:00

Steel structures & SIP panels have proven very durable and usually are the structures of choice for highly-loaded buildings or civil structures like high-rise buildings, large span bridges, towers, etc.
Of course, all structure needs to be adequately protected from corrosion, and this is why we take special care of our structure. Depending on the design, the structure of your house will be either permeabilized or thoroughly coated for anti-corrosion protection.
Not to be forgotten is the fact that all the structures of our buildings are integrated into the building envelope, with no contact whatsoever with the environment or the elements.

Is it possible for condensation or condensation spots to appear in my house ?2022-07-21T14:03:45+00:00

Absolutely not. Our houses, apart from the fact that they have the highest degree of energy efficiency, are constructed by a system completely eliminating the occurrence of thermal bridges. This prevents the formation of cold areas in the house and thus removes all the preconditions for condensation or mold in the house.

Do the steel structure or SIP panels affect communications, appliances, etc.?2022-07-21T14:03:56+00:00

No problems at all! Electro-magnetic waves can diffract around steel & SIP panels just as easily as timber. Waves pass through the spaces between the studs, allowing the use of all household appliances without any interference. The performance of steel or SIP panels in this scenario is no different from any other building material.

What is the effect to the indoor air environment?2022-07-21T14:04:10+00:00

The steel structure or SIP panels are recommended by chemically sensitive and environmentally conscious homeowners who seek good indoor air quality. Steel frames do not need to be treated for termites and other chemicals, which guarantee the quality of the indoor air and the complete absence of allergens.

Can I remodel my house after it has been built?2022-07-21T14:04:22+00:00

Yes, you can. Houses from Steel & YTONG work no differently than concrete ones, so our models allow for remodelling just as much as concrete and brick ones.

Our SIP prefabricated houses come in ready models, and they cannot be changed or remodelled to other dimensions!

Can I apply improvements such as tile the floor, walls, facade, decoration with stone, granite, etc ?2022-07-21T14:04:40+00:00

One of our main advantages is total versatility. That is why every house completed by us does not place restrictions on the selection of materials for the execution of the finishing works, as well as for all other building activities, materials and systems. All staircases, internal and external walls and ceilings are designed to carry cladding of any kind, which is executed in an absolutely standard building method.

Can I replace or support the various elements of the house such as roof, facade, window frames, doors etc. ?2022-07-21T14:04:54+00:00

This only can apply of a particular design house from Steel & YTONG as our houses are not different from any others. The building systems we use are universal and are widely used in housing. That is why all elements of the building are subject to maintenance or replacement, if necessary, as is the case with the widely used brick buildings.

What is the durability of the house ?2022-07-21T14:05:07+00:00

The durability of our houses is no different from that of conventional /concrete/ construction. Both the steel & SIP construction and all the linings and insulations are characterized by high durability. Various technical solutions have been taken to protect the elements of the building, and, in general, from aggressive influences. However, it is important to know that the durability of each building depends on how it is operated. Any extreme phenomena – fire, flood, etc., even if they do not destroy the building, affect its lifetime.

How is my home protected from lightning, storms, earthquakes etc.?2022-07-21T14:05:32+00:00

Scientists recommend seeking shelter in steel frame or SIP panel structures during lightning storms because the steel or SIP panels provide a path to the ground, reducing the likelihood of explosions, secondary fires, or personal injury. Positive connection and the strength of steel provide great protection against earthquakes and hurricanes. Steel’s high strength and ductility make it the best construction material for earthquake-resistant design.

What is FLAT PACK?2022-08-19T11:08:30+00:00

If you decide to buy a FLAT PACK model, you will definitely save on costs. The purchase will be cheaper and the assembly will be cost-free! That is, if you’re in the mood for a bit of DIY time.
KIT HOUSE from SteelHous is a revolution in the construction market. We are a global supplier of houses that are assembled using assembly instructions. It is also a revolution in terms of cost and construction time. Do you know any other technology that will allow you to build a real and durable home in less than a week?
If you are interested in READY MADE houses, find them in our offer.

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What does “KIT HOUSE” mean?2022-07-21T14:08:16+00:00

KIT HOUSE from SteelHous is a revolution in the construction market. We are a global supplier of houses that are assembled using assembly instructions. It is also a revolution in terms of cost and construction time. Do you know any other technology that will allow you to build a real and durable home in less than a week?
If you are interested in READY MADE houses, find them in our offer.

What is a SIP house and SIP panel?2022-07-21T14:42:22+00:00

SIP homes use insulated wall and roof panels that are up to 15 times more airtight than traditional construction, resulting in more comfort and long-term durability. A new home built with structural insulated panels reduces air movement and drafts, moisture, noise and helps keep dust and allergens from penetrating.

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Are modular buildings permanent?2022-07-21T14:14:35+00:00

Structurally, SteelHous Modular buildings are equivalent to conventional buildings. Their life span and warranties are also similar. However, the overall quality of modular buildings is much higher due to the controlled manufacturing process.

Who is the offer addressed to?2022-07-21T14:15:48+00:00

The offer is just for you. We deliver our houses to private individuals, but also to significant developers who are fed up with traditional construction technology, which causes many problems and uncertainties.

Why does SteelHous prefer long-term partnerships?2022-07-21T14:17:27+00:00

The advantages of modular manufacturing are many, but a long-term partnership provides the opportunity to invest and jointly optimize the product in order to add value whilst lowering costs.

Who installs the modules?2022-07-21T14:18:26+00:00

We provide training and technical advisors to assist the general contractor to install the modules on site. We can also train the general contractor’s installation team at our factories, prior to delivery of the modules. In specific cases, SteelHous can offer the entire structural installation of the modules onto the building.

Where is the product manufactured?2022-07-21T14:19:15+00:00

The product is manufactured and assembled in Poland, Europe.

What is the typical lead time for modules?2022-07-21T14:20:11+00:00

For some house models, the lead time is 24 hours. We often have houses ready for shipment in stock. Generally, we assume that the completion time is 22 – 60 days, which means that we deliver the house in less time than the setting of the concrete.

What is the typical order volume?2022-07-21T14:21:16+00:00

It is possible to produce 4,800 houses per month.

What type of foundation do I need?2022-07-21T14:22:04+00:00

The modules can be placed on a sleeper wall system, a concrete podium, steel podium, or a ground floor slab.
For some of our KIT HOUSE house models, we offer prefabricated floor panels, which the investor installs on concrete piles prepared before installation. All dimensions and spacing of concrete piles are sent at the investor’s request.

Is it time saving?2022-07-21T14:23:02+00:00

80% – 90% of the construction is completed inside a factory, which mitigates the risk of weather delays, allowing projects to be completed in half the time of traditional construction.

Do I lose my warranty if I assemble a house myself?2022-07-21T14:24:01+00:00

You do not lose the warranty when you assemble the house yourself.

Is it difficult to assemble the house?2022-07-21T14:24:52+00:00

The KIT HOUSE assembly instructions are prepared very precisely, which minimizes errors during the work. If you have basic housework knowledge and a few people to help you, you can do it easily. We are at your disposal at every stage of the work.

Are there any additional options for KIT HOUSE?2022-07-21T14:25:43+00:00

Yes. Visit our online store and select additional options that match the selected house model. You will receive the additional kits in one transport.

Who assembles the house after delivery to the construction site?2022-07-21T14:26:47+00:00

You assemble the house yourself using the attached instructions. You also have a multimedia version of the assembly instructions to help you, as well as our remote help. The best engineers in the construction industry have been working on our products from the very beginning. It is they who have prepared the most readable and user-friendly set of step-by-step instructions. It is very easy.

Do we make individual projects?2022-07-21T14:27:33+00:00

Yes. We make individual projects from SIP Panels, but only for mass production

Can I make changes to existing designs prior to purchase?2022-07-21T14:28:22+00:00

Changes to existing models are not possible. We hope that you will match your needs with a different house model from our wide offer.

Do all materials in the set have building certificates?2022-07-21T14:29:28+00:00

All elements of the set have the necessary certificates, even the smallest screws. We only use materials from the best and well-known producers.

How long is the warranty on KIT HOUSE?2022-07-21T14:30:27+00:00

The warranty reaches up to 25 years for some components of the set.
The warranty period for individual elements is described in the offer of each house separately

Do SIPs off gas?2022-07-21T14:31:27+00:00

No Harmful Chemicals
The components used to make SIPs (foam, oriented strand board, and adhesive) meet some of the most stringent standards for indoor air quality. EPS foam uses pentane, a non-CFC blowing agent that dissipates shortly after projection. The foam cores have no off-gassing.

Are SIPs load bearing?2022-07-21T14:32:22+00:00

SIP walls can bear considerable vertical and horizontal loads with reduced internal studding. The load carried by the SIP is transferred to ground by the OSB skins, held in position by the fully bonded insulation core.

Are SIPs soundproof?2022-07-21T14:32:59+00:00

The sound resistance of a SIP wall depends on the thickness of the gypsum drywall applied, the exterior finish applied, and the thickness of the insulating foam core that is used. SIPs are especially effective at blocking high frequency noise, and most homeowners notice the quiet comfort of a SIP home.

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