The Process

Here you can find all the steps to get your new house ready to go.



The first step is to meet you and discuss the current state of the project and check the possibilities to build your desired house. It will be great advantage if you can bring actual plans or scethes to the property which will make our job easier and faster regarding the offer preparation.
We also offer you a detailed analysis of your plot and how you can apply your housing construction. When doing a review of the site, we will provide you with detailed information about your possible options for the house and how the project can be applied, as we will ensure that the project will meet the local building requirements and regulations.
The designing and estimation of the project takes about 6 till 8 weeks.

Meeting the architect

Once you have signed the purchase agreement, you will meet with the architect and have detailed planning discussion. We already have first draft of the project so the rest of the details and features are coming on their way such as the design of the house, the specifics of the floor plan, materials and additional features will now be developed by our architect.
When we are planning and designing all the materials and features in the project, we always keep in mind that will fit in the budget and price already agreed with our clients.

The Preparation

We offer full transparency to the purchase and construction contract. After you receive a draft to your house project and a purchase agreement has been signed, we will start with the creation of the steel components in our factory. The delivery time for the house structure base is approximately 12 – 15 weeks.

The building process

Upon the building permission has been received, the construction project will be scheduled. Starting of the process depends from many factors such as the receipt of funding confirmation, the materials delivery, the effects of weather, etc., but be sure that a schedule will be agreed with you and discussed further as the build progresses.

The successive construction of Steelhous homes, combines the precision of industrial production with the passion and individual touches of craftsmanship. High-quality materials are used in the construction of the modules which takes place in our weather protected factory.

During whole construction process on the site, we are keeping our clients with detailed up to date information  such as :

  • Preparation of the plot – here you will get informed for all the steps regarding base of the house as topographic and geotechnical study, excavation and foundation of the base, constructed elements applied etc
  • Crafting in the factory – here you will get information about your house modules preparation, the stages of assembly, structural elements and materials applied etc.
  • Preparation for transport – after the house has been ready in our factory, it will be transport it to the plot. You will get informed about the whole transport process till the delivery into the field.
  • Assembly and installation- after the house has been transported, we will proceed with assembly and installation. We will be happy if you wish to attend of that process and check how your brand new house will be mounted.
  • Last preparations – here we are doing all last finishes such as top cover isolations, electrical and water system revision, air conditioning etc.
  • Extras – if the clients wish to add extra features such as swimming pool, fences, garden etc. any interior or exterior improvements, we will be happy to assist.

House is complete

Once the house is finished upon the criteria agreed, we will inspect the home to make sure you are entirely satisfied. As important as the seamless quality we provide is the after sale service for our clients, complete with comprehensive warranty and constant feedback.