Industrial buildings and steel structures

Together with residential buildings Steehous also provides services in the field of industrial construction. Produced with the utmost accuracy in our factory and supported by the comprehensive service we provide, we are ready to offer:


Hot-rolled steel structures

The “heavyweight”in steel structures, these are suitable for the construction of factories and production plants, large storage facilities, shopping centers and malls, office buildings, high-rise structures, bridge constructions and everywhere heavy loads, fire-resistance and uncompromising seismic resistance standards are to be met.

Light gauge galvanized structures

Affordable, very durable, accurate and easy to install these structures are the construction of choice for agricultural buildings, warehouses, sheds, covered parking lots, temporary buildings and a lot more.

Light or temporary structures

Covered parking lots, hail protection, greenhouses, steel roofing structures, photo-voltaic support frames and a lot more are produced made-to-order at our factory.

We are also capable of both supplying and installation of:

Industrial cladding and facade systems

Ranging from thermally insulated panels, composite aluminum panels, ventilated facade cladding, siding, C-cassettes and a lot more.

Turnkey industrial buildings

We are able to construct your full industrial project from scratch including interiors, carrying out HVAC, plumbing and electrical works to a complete, functional and aesthetic building.

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