Project Description

This extensive sea view apartment is located in the lovely area of Cas Catala. The project was totally renovated and remodeled. It has constructed area of approx. 185 m² and sea view terrace all the war around of approx. 60 m²

It has been renovated with all modern features such as underfloor heating, build in air conditioning, mixture of natural stoned and wooden floors, build in showers and toilets, bathtub, build in speakers etc. It also coming fully furnished with top brand kitchen and furniture.

End of the project – August 2020!


Neighborhood guide

Cas Catalá, an elegant tourist and residential town near Palma.

Cas Catalá is a tourist resort beach front community near to the capital of Palma, although it belongs to the municipality of Calvia. This town has always been considered of outstanding merit due in part to the celebrities attracted to its social whirl opportunities. Here have lived such Hollywood legends as Errol Flynn, Rita Hayworth and Johnny Hallyday among many others of silver screen history. They had their reasons for choosing this delightful part of Mallorca. These will be self evident to you; stroll the same parades, take in their shared panoramas.

Cas Català is mainly a residential community, with luxurious homes and some hotels with beautiful views of the sea.

This small village is close to the Marivent Palace where the Spanish royal family spends their summer vacations. Cas Catalá is part of the town of Illetas. Perhaps due to their closeness, or the outstanding natural beauty these communities are renowned for, considerable growth has been persistent. Only the locals know where one community ends and finishes; we have here a Siamese twin community that exudes elegance, taste and history.

Close to Cas Catalá is found the beautiful Cala Nova Marina of Cala where there is to be experienced a passion for everything to do with sailing. Here you find a panorama of large and small craft, some pleasure, many are working boats. Cas Catalá has a pleasing white sandy beach. The sea itself tends towards quietness and gives a feeling of solitude, of peace. The views are considered to be breathtaking due to the undulations of the coastlines with inlets and outlets, natural harbors and havens that so beautifully complement the wild and rocky terrain.