Project Description



We present a modern, modular, all-year-round house
with an area of 34.86 m2. It is a fully mobile construction structure on a solid steel skeleton, which will be developed with Scandinavian construction timber and our patented technology, entering a new direction of construction.


ST MTB Marina Module is a model with a total area of 35m²

With its extraordinary functionality, it offers the highest standards of:

  • The width and overall length is 4.2m/8.24m.
  • The facade of the house was made of Budmat Iron Click “seam” sheet metal, in RAL 9010 – white.
  • The floor is made of dry screed (fireproof board).
  • Insulation layer of 25 cm.
  • The walls of the building are made of:
    -15mm plasterboard,
    -150mm mineral wool,
    -10mm OSB board,
    -50mm polystyrene foam,
    -5mm of facade plaster.
  • Composed of materials from reputable companies such as Budmat, Swiss Krono, MTB Modules, Veka, Marcopol.
  • Thanks to the thoughtful development of this area, we get a place to install a comfortable bathroom, a spacious living room with a kitchenette and vestibule, illuminated by a large balcony window 272×231 cm as well as a cosy bedroom illuminated by a window of 120×231 cm.
    The model is equipped with a front door, anti-burglary, and ergonomic width of 90 cm. They provide comfortable use, being made of high-quality material. The doors are heavy and quiet.
  • At the moment, the lead time of the order is from 10 to 12 weeks from the date of signing the contract. We start the realization of the order with a deposit of 40% of the order value. Payment of the rest of the amount of 60% of the value of the order is made within a period of three days before the departure of transport from our warehouse or personal collection.

What exactly are you buying?

ST MTB Marina is a modern, year-round modular house.
The mobile construction based on a steel frame combined with Scandinavian wood creates a top-quality product.

A detailed inventory of the contents of the kit:

  • balcony window (triple-glazed)
  • daylight window (triple-glazed)
  • anti-burglary front door
  • Floor made of dry screed (fireproof board) on which a final layer can be laid.
  • walls in white, prepared for painting
  • electrical installation (tailored to the investor’s needs)
  • plumbing system (tailored to the needs of the investor)

General information

  • The foundation slab is not included in the order. In the case of our technologies, a foundation slab is not required, only the footings on which the module will be placed. This significantly reduces the cost of earthworks.
  • The house inside is in developer condition – for your own finishing and arrangement.
  • Check out the additional assortment assigned to the selected house model in our price list*

* Please contact us for our price list