Project Description



We present you an offer to buy a new home, a fully equipped MTB T model, with a total area of 20m2. The first model of this type of the all-year-round house MTB T, which has an additional sliding bedroom with an area of 5 m2. The great advantage of this model is the ability to transport two pieces in one
40’HC sea container.

The offered models do not require additional options, as they are equipped with: TV sets, beds, bedding, towels and toilet paper. The set also includes a hammock.


ST MTB T is a model with a total area of 20m²

With its extraordinary functionality, it offers the highest standards of: 

  • The height is as high is 2.54 meters. It allows comfortable use of the house, it is ideal and not overwhelming.
  • The width and total length are 2.30/5.96 m.
  • Thanks to the thoughtful development of this area, we get space for a charming bathroom, four comfortable sleeping places and a small kitchen. Everything is fully equipped and decorated in a modern style.
  • The construction of the house is based on branded Scandinavian C24 certified wood. It does not require waterproofing.
  • Sip panels are elements of the exterior walls, partitions and roof.
  • Insulation layer :
    EPS 80 – 15 cm
    Parameter U 0.23
  • The facade of the house was made of Budmat Iron Click sheet metal, in RAL 7016 – matt anthracite.

What exactly are you buying?

Fully equipped MTB T modular home. The selected model does not require additional options, as it offers beds, TVs, bedding, etc. in its equipment. 

A detailed inventory of the contents of the kit: 

  • entrance door (double-glazed)
  • bedroom window (triple-glazed)
  • balcony window (triple-glazed)
  • Full 230V electrical installation (card power contactor (hotel system – when the card is removed, the power to the house is turned off), F-type electrical sockets, LED reading lights, at each sleeping area, LED bathroom lamp, E27 LED main lighting lamps, LED outdoor lamp)
  • Full plumbing installation (shower faucet with rain shower head, shower tray 100×80 cm, electric boiler 60L, bathroom sink with faucet, kitchen sink with faucet, toilet with slow-closing seat). The main water connection and the waste water outlet are located under the cottage in the place of the bathroom.
  • 2-in-1 2.5 kW heating and air-conditioning system – controlled by a wall panel.
  • mechanical ventilation
  • metal bunk bed 208x88x170 cm (equipped with two comfortable foam mattresses, sheets, comforters, pillowcases, pillows, bedspread)
  • sliding double bed (equipped with two comfortable foam mattresses, sheets, duvets, pillowcases, pillows, bedspread)
  • the bathroom, apart from plumbing, includes a shelf for cosmetics in the shower, bathroom mirror, toilet paper stand with a brush, hangers for towels, waterproof wallpaper on the wall, concrete-colored wall covering
  • large two-door closet
  • chest of drawers for clothes
  • A mini kitchenette with a cutlery drawer, shelves for china, hooks for utensils and space for a small refrigerator.
  • dining table with lowered tabletop
  • internal blinds in each window and entrance door
  • PVC flooring – Vinyl
  • external pull-out awning 150 cm
  • 32 inch SAMSUNG LED TV
  • wireless radio
  • cordless kettle

General information

  • The house inside is finished and ready to move in after connecting the installations
  • A drawing with the arrangement of connections is sent at the time of purchase.
  • The foundation required for this model is eight support points, plus two support points for the sliding bedroom.